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Action Assist is an innovative online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure encrypted web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage on the internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to all users.

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Action Assist can help your organisation in:

Resolutions Management

Resolutions Assist helps organisation to effectively manage Board / Council Resolutions. Resolutions are captured onto t...

Compliance Management

Compliance Assist assists organisations with their compliance to relevant laws, regulations, polices, standard operating...

Risk Management

Risk Assist assists organisations with the management and addressing of various types of risks identified by the managem...

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Date Module Update
21 Jan 2018 Employee Assist A new module, Employee Assist (version code EMP1), has been added to all databases. This module will now handle all employment related information which has been removed from the Master Setups and User management modules.
14 Jan 2018 SDBIP v5B A new KPI calculation type has been added: Reverse Accumulative. This calculation type calculates the Overall Target & Actual in the same way as Accumulative but determines the result in the same way as Reverse Stand-alone (i.e. Actual < Target is preferred).
31 Dec 2017 SDBIP v5B Functionality has been added to allow the KPI results categories (KPI Met etc) to be customized.
29 Oct 2017 SDBIP v5B A KPI Update Status feature has been added to all SDBIP years running version 5B or later (2016 onwards). This feature allows the user to indicate whether they are finished updating a specific KPI for the specified time period. Only once the update has been marked as complete will the KPI fall out of the user's action dashboard. The default starting value (initially set to "Yes") can be changed in the Setup > Defaults > Module Setup section.
11 Jun 2017 SDBIP v5B A new Calculation Type "Zero Last Value" has been added to all SDBIP years running version 5B or later (2016 onwards). This Calculation Type is a combination of the Zero and Last Value calculation types in that, like the Last Value, the most recent update is recorded as the Overall result however, like Zero, the Actual must be less than the Target and Targets equal to zero are not ignored.
04 Jun 2017 System Reports A Maintenance Log Report has been added to the System Reports available to the Assist Administrator.
04 Jun 2017 SDBIP 2017/2018 The new SDBIP financial year 2017/2018 has gone live. Please contact your Business Partner for more information.
31 May 2017 IDP New module "IDP" has gone live. Contact your Business Partner for more information.
26 Feb 2017 Job Activities Library New module "Job Activities Library" has gone live. Please contact your Business Partner for more information.

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