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Action Assist is an innovative online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure encrypted web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage on the internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to all users.

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Resolutions Management

Resolutions Assist helps organisation to effectively manage Board / Council Resolutions. Resolutions are captured onto t...

Performance Management - Organisational

Organisational Performance Assist facilitates the management of organisational performance on a monthly or quarterly bas...

Task Management

Task Assist facilitates the allocation, tracking and reporting of tasks between the various users in the organisation. M...

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Date Module Update
13 Nov 2016 System Reports A new section called System Reports has been added for Assist Administrators. The Backup Log and System Updates reports are now available in the new section and two new reports, System Uptime report and Backup Test Log, have also been added.
06 Nov 2016 Users > Reset Password Updated the Reset Password functionality to include the ability to record how the reset password request was received, how the identity of the user was validated and unlock the user if they have been locked out due to too many failed password attempts.
13 Oct 2016 Users Fixed bug that displayed the incorrect password requirements on the Change Password page where the user was a Super User.
09 Oct 2016 Complaints Updated New & Update to prevent allocation of Complaints to Respondant Topics without an active admin.
09 Oct 2016 Complaints Updated Setup > Respondants to more clearly identify Topics without an active admin.
09 Oct 2016 Complaints Updated Report Generator to reflect the name of the user who posted an update if different from the respondant who performed the update.
11 Sep 2016 Document Management [v3] Basic document/folder search has been added to the View page. Advanced Search functionality will follow shortly.
11 Sep 2016 Users Added the option to export the User Detail Report to Microsoft Excel in CSV (plain text) format.
08 Sep 2016 Users Added new report: Password Activity Log Report
08 Sep 2016 Users Added new report: System Updates Log
19 Aug 2016 Users New Report added: Access Attempt Log
05 Jun 2016 SDBIP v5B (2016/17) New SDBIP financial year is available.
11 May 2016 SDBIP v5 (2013/14/15/16) Added the Assurance Status & Comment columns to the Audit Log Report

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